Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Guerilla Art Project...??

My topic for my Guerilla art project is Worldwide Water Contamination. My idea for the project was to design stickers to "attack" friends and peers water bottles with a fact about water contamination and a link to as well as where to purchase a water bottle koozie and reusable water bottle I would also design. The profits for the koozies and bottles can go directly to through an individual fundraiser program they assist. HOWEVER...I have been thinking and thinking about this and finding other forms of guerilla art and I find my idea to lack substance and effectiveness. So, my additional idea is to set up a "station" somehwere on campus to provide students with water. I will have five bins of water bottles...four of the bins will be water bottles filled with "dirty" water and be labeled with a contaminate with the name of a place in the worl with the top water contamination deaths. Then the last bin will have "clean" water bottles sold for a dollar with the information I originally provided. I will also have quarter sheets of my stickers for people to take for free and "guerilla attack" their friends bottles. All proceeds beyond cost will go to my account with


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