Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New York Times

I HATE reading newspapers with a passion so this assignment given in my "Design like you give a damn" course is guna be a stretch. Why do I hate papers? I can never fold them back correctly and always hit myself in the face with them. City Paper is my expection (a single fold paper BTW). So I'm going to be a strictly online news type of gal...Thank goodness for todays issue to start me off right...
My Knight in Shining Garbage Bags!
In the Home & Garden section the article "One Man's Trash..." Dan Phillips, who is 64! constructs houses and its components out of trash! Gross? NO! Gorgeous! Lately I have had a few ideas myself about doing such projects on a smaller scale and what an inspiration, never heard of the guy until tonight but I will follow his work.
As a virgin paper reader, reading beyond this article was a bore. I generally keep my opinions on politics to myself and steer my passions as far away from that "P" word as possible. I did dabble through the other sections but lost focus and am going to sketch...

RECYCLE FUN: cover wooden picture frames ($1 Michaels) and coat with 1/3 water and 2/3 tacky glue mixture for a corky-vintage look.

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